Нow to Wear Animal Pants or Jeans

Animal print has taken over the world's catwalks. In the wardrobe of every star, you can find outfits with animal prints. However, in ordinary life, it can be difficult to find the right outfit for an animal print item. In this article, we decided to offer you some outfit ideas with animal print pants.

Urban chic outfit

You will be surprised, but animal print trousers can look quite conservative and reserved while emphasizing your personality.

This image can be called real chic. So, in order to make animal print pants look cool, try pairing them with a classic dark trench coat, as well as white sneakers.

This look is unrealistically cool in photographs, and besides, it is very convenient to move around the city in it. It is perfect for the university, for a walk in the city park, and for gatherings in a coffee shop with friends.

If you don't have enough color in this outfit, you can add a bright-colored handbag to it. For example, Road Trip Bag or Alima Bag.

So, if our outfit idea convinced you, hurry up and buy Priscilla pants.

Cook urban colors


Сheeky and romantic outfit

Animal prints can be used in romantic and playful looks. With animal print pants and a sexy corset, you can create a stunning and unusual outfit. We suggest combining leopard print with black lace. Not every girl dares to wear such a combination. But it's worth it. Cool Nisha Pants plus a delicate black lace corset in combination with a small black handbag - an outfit of an independent beauty who knows a lot about style.

Sweet outfit with animal print women pants


Elegant and luxurious outfit

Many people are afraid of animal print in clothes because it supposedly visually adds volume. In fact, the right type of pants will allow you to create an outfit in which you will look your best. To all the ladies who want to emphasize the length of their chic legs, I offer an idea for an outfit: animal print Chocolate Zebra pants plus a white crop top combined with white heeled sandals.

As accessories, use a white belt and a bag. The belt will help define your waist and create harmonious proportions. A small white handbag will add lightness and sophistication to your outfit.

Luxurious look in zebra print pants


Cozy and comfy outfit

It is so important for every lady to find a very cozy and comfortable outfit that will be stylish at the same time. Having such an outfit in your wardrobe is especially important for those who spend a lot of time in physical activity.

Even though we are busy, we all want to feel beautiful. We invite you to assemble this incredibly cute and comfortable outfit because everything is perfect in it: soft and stylish leopard Tindra Pants, a delicate and cozy white crop top, and a warm brown cardigan.

Comfy look with animal print pants

Sporty and trendy outfit

Even sportswear can be trendy. Everyone wants to feel beautiful and stylish, especially in training, when you want to believe in yourself one hundred percent. The idea of this outfit came to our mind when we looked at fashion magazines from the late nineties. It has chic, character, and romance combined with a sporty style. Comfortable and beautiful Nisha sweatpants look great on the figure and attract the eye. These pants pair perfectly with a crop top and sneakers. In this outfit, you are the real queen of the city.

Outfit for those who love an active lifestyle


Tips for choosing an outfit

In fact, every girl can wear leopard print and zebra print. To make it look good, you need to maintain harmony and not overload your images with a lot of prints. Animal print clothes look great in a monochrome look. Animal print can also be cool combined with bright-colored clothes.