InviShaper - Plunge Backless Body Shaper Bra

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Experience ultimate confidence with our Invishaper Plunge Backless Body Shaper Bra from Mermaid Way. This revolutionary undergarment is designed to shape and enhance your natural curves while remaining invisible under any outfit. With its plunging neckline and backless design, it offers a seamless and flattering look for all your low-cut and open-back ensembles. The innovative construction provides ample support and lift, ensuring a comfortable fit all day long. Whether you're attending a glamorous event or simply want to feel confident in your everyday attire, our Invishaper Plunge Backless Body Shaper Bra is your secret weapon for a flawless silhouette. Embrace the power of invisibility and redefine your shape with this must-have addition to your wardrobe.


Meet the ultimate bra and shaper undergarment for backless and low-cut plunge dresses! 

InviShaper is the hidden secret to making your bust and curves look amazing under those challenging outfits. It features adjustable clear plastic straps and a thong bottom to let you freely style your best look!


Multiple styling options: The straps can be adjusted to be worn with halter style dresses, low-plunge front, and criss-cross styles. 

(Check the "How Do I Style It?" section below for our style guides!)

Removable invisible straps: Enhanced & Durable. Completely seamless and unnoticeable.

Designed to move with your body: Silky Velvet feel! Sit, dance, and stretch with ease.

Push-Up underwire: Well constructed for a supported and lifted bust - a serious cleavage boost.

Sticky adhesives: Keep the garment attached to your body without it slipping off.

Seamless thong back with hook & eye closure: Smoothes out camel toe and gives you easy bathroom access.

84% Nylon, 16% Spandex

Recommended by bridal stylists as the perfect undergarment for your wedding dress!


Can you see it? We can't either!


We know online shopping can be a little tricky since different brands have different sizing, but we've mapped our sizes to US standards, so you'll always find your fit. Our size chart covers all the bases with an extensive range of plus sizes for everyone!



First, you'll need to know where each strap can go. You'll notice on the back of the shaper a loop on the top left of the cup, as well as the top right (labeled L1 & R1).

On the sides of the shaper you'll see 4 loops on the left side, and 4 loops on the right side. These can all be used in many ways so you can style your outfits for different looks! See for yourself below:

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