How to buy the best ladies shoes

How to Buy the Perfect Shoes Online

Some girls are convinced that it is impossible to buy good and comfortable shoes online. After all, in a regular store, you can try on shoes and immediately notice the quality of the materials. However, to buy comfortable, beautiful, and stylish shoes online, you just need to follow a few simple principles.

Our stylists have put together a helpful checklist for you on how to buy the perfect shoes online and be satisfied. Let's start!

Decide what you need

In the online space, unlike the usual lady's shoe store in the mall, there are an unlimited number of options. Before you start scrolling through the endless feeds of online stores, decide what kind of shoes you want. If you don't, you risk wasting a lot of time and still won’t find what you need. We recommend deciding on the color and model of shoes, as well as picking up a few references for inspiration such as social media, the red carpet, fashion shows, movies, and music videos.

Girl reading a fashion magazine

For example, if you're looking for party and clubbing shoes, consider heels. Choose bright models that stand out for their color, decor, or texture. Our store exhibits interesting models of shoes with rhinestones and beads. Shoes such as Admired Heels, Cinderella Heels, and Bling Bling Heels.

Beautiful Heels

For solemn events, such as a birthday or graduation, you can choose colorful and elegant models of shoes. For example, shoes such as Party Doll Heels, Rosemary Heels, and Longshot Heels.

Cute Heels

For long summer walks and daily wear purposes, you need to choose comfortable and comfortable slippers. In our store, you will find an attractive collection of slippers such as Starry Night Slippers.

Coralia slippers

Sandals can also be very stylish and comfortable. Especially when they are from our online store. By wearing our sandals, you can make any look brighter and more attractive. For example, you can choose options like Sun Charming Sandals, and Showing Up Sandals. They can be worn with both skirts and regular jeans. Any outfit with different colors will go very well with such a collection of sandals.

Colorful sandals

Buy shoes in a trusted online store

There are a lot of scam sites on the Internet. When choosing the best online shoe store, pay attention to the following factors:

  • A beautiful and understandable site with no bugs. Scam sites are often made quickly and function poorly.
  • Many clear and simple payment methods. Often scam sites offer strange and incomprehensible payment methods.
  • There are customer reviews and they look real.


The Mermaid Way online store offers you varieties of payment options. We care about the quality of our interface and have made it as convenient as possible for you. You will also find many testimonials from ladies who have bought shoes from us as we offer the best collection and excellent customer service.

We have been selling clothes, shoes, and accessories since 2014. During this time, we managed to earn the trust of thousands of women around the world.

The girl with new shoes

Read the description on the website carefully.

Read the description of the product on the website of the online store carefully. In the product description, the seller talks about the features of the shoe model. A size chart is given so that you can accurately determine the right size, and it also talks about the materials that are used and the height of the heel. Therefore, in order not to receive an unwanted surprise, for example, an inappropriate heel height, you need to carefully read the description.

The girl received the parcel

For you to choose the most suitable shoe size, we have placed a size chart in each description. Read it carefully and choose the size that suits you.

Size Chart


So, you have learned some effective tips on how to buy the perfect shoes online. Be sure to decide what you need in advance. This will save you time and help you buy what you need. Choose trusted online stores so as not to run into scammers. Pay attention to the description of the shoe model. So you can choose such women's shoes in which you will be comfortable and pleasant.

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